Kometa Xtra has become one of the most promising cycling teams

Xtra today in 2022 gives very high hopes for the title of one of the best cycling teams in Europe and in the world. What was the reason for such success and how the squad went its way – we would like to share with you today.

History of the Kometa Xtra bicycle team

The word Kometa was with the crew from the very beginning of its existence. For the long first months of its foundation, the squad partially changed its name, looking for something suitable for itself. Something changed, something new was invented, but crew always remained in the life of the team. The bicycle squad itself was founded in 2018, and in a couple of years it was able to adequately show itself to the world and opponents. Initially, the crew competed in the so-called continental qualification of Europe. After the squad’s sponsor changed in 2020, Kometa Xtra was transferred to another qualification – the ProTeam category. To date, the team is sponsored by the Fundación Contador, headed by Alberto Contador, a very famous cycling athlete.

Xtra was originally founded as a youth formation in support of the more famous cycling team. But, as we have already said, the crew members have shown themselves so well that it was decided to develop them as an independent unit.

Fundación Contador and Kometa Xtra team

Fundación is an organization that is actively engaged in sponsoring and monitoring various cycling sports events, including cycling crews. Among such squads is ours – Kometa Xtra.

Many people consider the foundation to be its goals:

  • Promotion of the ideas of a sports lifestyle and conscious nutrition.
  • Sponsorship of professional and amateur cycling events and tournaments.
  • Sponsorship of bicycle teams and their promotion.
  • Introduction of initiatives to promote the ideas of cycling and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Assistance in organizing various European cycling events in order to convey information about sports to future generations.

Xtra is a squad that is directly sponsored by Fundación. It was after the appointment of this sponsor that Kometa received the right to move to the highest qualification. The main tasks of Kometa on the part of Fundación are to promote the crew, provide high-quality training and prepare for tournaments and European cycling competitions.

The power of the team is growing through years

It would seem that most recently there was 2018, when the crew was only being created as a youth formation, and already now in 2022 we hear about Xtra as an ambitious and promising sports unit. The Alberto Contadora Foundation saw future stars of world cycling in cyclists. The 2022 season begins as the season of a professional squad. Kometa continues to grow and develop, and more and more sponsors express their desire to help the team grow further. This year Kometa will take part in competitions of the continental category and even the approximate dates of tournaments in the first half of the year have already been set. The squad members themselves are determined and have a great desire to show themselves to their opponents and their fans. This season, the coach of the team has set themselves one of the main goals – to train personnel to an even more professional level and conduct a huge amount of training. Coaches want to educate real professionals in the field of cycling.

Direct assistance from Kometa Xtra sponsors

The Alberto Contadora Foundation became the patrons of the crew almost from the very beginning of its foundation. It was the Foundation who believed in cyclists and considered it necessary to start investing in them. Thus, the team received very reliable and great material and moral support. From the very beginning, the Foundation has invested huge amounts of money in the education and training of squad members. There was a need to bring the team from the category of youth group to the category of continental qualification. It just happened for a year and a half. Further tasks were to ensure high-quality sponsorship of the crew’s participation in various tournaments and championships at the European level. Even then, in 2020, Kometa proved to The Alberto Contadora Foundation that they were not mistaken and made the right decision to sponsor. The whole of Europe began to talk about Kometa Xtra and the team began to notice the whole cycling sports world. As for further actions, The Alberto Contadora Foundation intends to invest more and more all possible financial and moral support for the professional development of cyclists as part of the entire Kometa squad.

More funds have already been allocated for the 2022 season, because the stakes are also high. A huge number of tournaments and championships are waiting for the crew, and for this Kometa participants need to make every effort to prove again and again to their fans, sponsors, coaches and, first of all, themselves that they deserve to talk about them. They deserve to be champions in cycling.

What was last season for Kometa?

2021 was more bright and memorable than ever for cyclists themselves and for all their sponsors, coaches and fans. He strengthened the ties of the all-mode crew and created huge motivation. Four team members have achieved the maximum qualification that generally exists in cycling, according to WorldTour. These 4 squad members joined the so-called elite. Such heights have been achieved thanks to thorough and perseverance training and intensive training and training over the past two years. Four cyclists in the elite – this figure allows the Kometa Xtra crew to take responsibility in terms of professionalism and quality. The coach promised that in the 2022 season, the squad will reach an even higher level and demonstrate to everyone that it was not for nothing that they believed in it, and it was not for nothing that sponsors began to invest in it. And Kometa members themselves are firmly confident in their potential and believe that their winning hour is just around the corner.