Charity among the distinctive aspects of the Kometa Xtra team

Charity is a very noble sphere of functioning of all people and organizations. Huge efforts are required every day for different needs. That’s why the members of the Kometa Xtra cycling crew could not stand aside social problems. They found a suitable niche for themselves – Pink Ride in support of women with breast cancer.

Pink Ride is gaining huge popularity in the bicycle world

From the very beginning, the Pink Ride bike race was created by one of the women who was diagnosed once rudely back in 2004. In the same year, she came up with the idea of seeing off a charity race, all the money collected from which would be transferred to the treatment of women with breast disease. Fortunately, the founder managed to recover herself and still takes part in a charity event every year.
Anyone can participate in the one-day race. The main thing is the entry fee for participation, which is transferred to all those in need to fight breast cancer, and there are about 250,000 people who are associated with the action.
The race includes three possible cycling races: 20, 36 and 62 miles. In the range every 5 miles on the bike track there are doctors and staff of the action, who offer drinks and moral support.

The reason why Kometa Xtra chose Pink Ride is simple

Each of you who has just learned about the charity of the cycling team in the segment of breast cancer control probably has a question about why this direction. The answer is much easier than it seems. In 2019, the wife of one of the team members was diagnosed with breast cancer. Long weeks were unsuccessful in search of medicines and financial assistance. And then the cyclist read about such a charity event. The cyclist’s wife turned to the breast disease fund, where she was helped a lot. The woman’s life was saved. And the Kometa Xtra crew unanimously decided that from now on, every year they will take part in the Pink Ride action as a sign of gratitude and dedication to the organization to combat breast disease. Moreover, the Kometa Xtra team’s cycling sponsors make monthly donations to the Cancer Foundation.

2019 was a turning point due to COVID-19

In 2019, all the circumstances were such that it was necessary to cancel the charity event. However, many decisions and innovations were made and the action was still held. About 200,000 sick women were overly grateful for their help, especially for the contribution made by the Kometa Xtra cycling team to the fight against cancer.

Kometa Xtra team members always stand up for each other, and are also used to making decisions by the command majority. This difficult situation among cyclists has led to the fact that now the team is making a huge contribution to very important things – especially in the fight against disease.