Environmental protection is on the agenda for the Kometa Xtra team

Recently, especially over the past few years, much attention has been paid to climate issues around the world. Environmental protection and the world of cycling have not been bypassed. Kometa Xtra has taken responsibility personally for some decisive actions aimed at protecting nature and climate change.

Kometa Xtra Environmental Protection Initiative

Since 2019, sponsors and team management have had thoughts that it is still necessary to deal with nature protection issues and start investing in climate change segments. In early 2021, the management of the Kometa Xtra crew announced the launch of a climate initiative called ”Nature Starts From Us”. This project was aimed at increasing efforts to compensate for carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

Someone might wonder where bicycles have emissions into the atmosphere. But the garage answer is easier than it seems. A huge number of conventional vehicles (including cars and buses) are used to transport team personnel, their bicycle transport, management and sponsors to various tournaments and competitions. Thus, during the season, a fairly large number of vehicle fuel processing products are allocated into the atmosphere. It is for this reason that it was decided to introduce such an initiative at the level of sponsors and management.

By the end of the 2021 season, crew officials announced that during the year they had managed to financially fully compensate for the emissions of fuel products into the atmosphere from their vehicles. Moreover, over the whole season, the number of such emissions was reduced by at least 35%, which also indicates positive dynamics.

Cooperation with global climate enterprises

Back in 2020, the management of Kometa Xtra officially announced the beginning of cooperation with the UN, in the field of Sustainable Development, where it made some commitments to contribute to the implementation of global goals. Such goals were set by the UN until 2025 and Kometa does everything that depends on the team to fulfill all obligations as soon as possible.

The Kometa Xtra crew has also been cooperating with CO2Logic since 2020. CO2Logic is a European company that calculates emissions of fuel products into the atmosphere and calculates the necessary countervailing measures. It was thanks to this collaboration that in 2021 it was calculated that the movements of the team and its sponsors contributed to the release of more than 1,300 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Kometa Xtra’s efforts deserve respect

Cycling is one of the best sports disciplines that deserves the attention of everyone. Even better cycling is done by its representatives, taking measures to restore climate norms. The management of the Kometa Xtra team said that in addition to the fact that cyclists can perform professionally, they also know how to think about the environment. The reason for making such an important decision and step in the life of the crew was that they were fully aware of the impact that any people have on the nature of our planet.