Five awards were received by members of the Kometa Xtra team at the Mallorca Challenge

Challenge Vuelta Mallorca is one of the most prestigious cycling tours of the competition, which is part of the European UCI tour. Subsequently demonstrated performances in 2021, Kometa received five awards from the race organizers.

Challenge Vuelta Mallorca as an aristocratic race

Challenge Mallorca is a bicycle contest consisting of four road races. All four races are held on the island of Mallorca traditionally in the second half of winter. This competition received the title of professional preparation for the upcoming bicycle season, which carries many major races in summer and autumn.

The rules of the race allow its participants not to take part in all days of races, but only on certain days, thus making themselves a weekend. Accordingly, trophies are distributed not to prize-winners of all total days of qualification, but for certain merits.

Mallorca Challenge 2021 for Kometa Xtra

The 2021 season of Mallorca Challenge opened at the end of January, to be precise, from January 24 to 28. At these contests, completely different teams from many European countries, as well as from other continents were represented. 2021 was special for competitions, as the total number of all awards that can be given as a result of performances was increased to 25 trophies.
Traditionally, the most difficult day for all teams was the first, which included a race on the track with five steep climbs, and the easiest was the third day – the track was only 36 km and quite flat.

Members of the Kometa Xtra team took part in all five days of the competition and showed a very high level of training and their speed. Thus, the team, based on the results of all categories and all performances, received five trophies of the Mallorca Challenge contest at once. The cyclists themselves shared the secret that they were extremely lucky with the weather during all the days of races.
For some team members, this race was the debut among the high-class UCI qualification competitions.

The impression of Kometa cyclists from awarding trophies

The coach and management of the team were incredibly delighted that their wards were able to reach such a high level and were able to show great professionalism to their opponents and fans. The cyclists themselves gave an interview after the award ceremony, in which they shared their emotions.

The team captain said that it was very important for Kometa Xtra to start the 2021 season with a good result, but the result exceeded all expectations.
One of the participants said that everything went as required from the very first day and from the very first minute. As if everything was playing in favor of these athletes. Now the most important thing is to continue to follow the plan and not to forget that one victory in the tournament does not mean the championship title as a whole. Therefore, cyclists admitted that they are determined and irrevocably committed to quality work and training.