Kometa Xtra received its right to participate in the Giro d’Italia in 2022

Contest is considered a very authoritative and high-level cycling tournament in the world. Every cyclist and every crew dreams of getting the right to take part in such a championship, this right is considered honorary. Kometa Xtra in 2022 can finally boast of such an invitation. All team members were highly praised by RCS and accordingly received their desired right to participate.

What is the Giro d’Italia race?

Giro d’Italia is an annual bicycle contest that takes place in many stages and is territorially held in Italy, as the name implies. But an interesting point is that sometimes this race takes place in other countries. This event has existed since 1910 and at this stage it is authorized by RCS Sport. The race reached its main popularity after World War II, after which it began to attract cyclists from all over the world, and it became an honorary right to participate in it.

Moreover, Contest is part of the UCI world tour, so the teams that take part in the event are also world Turk teams. Although sometimes the organizers themselves can invite other bicycle teams to their conviction, as happened in 2022. This year Kometa Xtra received one of these offers.

Participation of Kometa Xtra in Giro 2022

In 2022, it is planned to hold a race from the beginning to the end of May, about 23 days. This season, the race will begin in Budapest, and the finish line is marked in Verona, Italy. The length of bicycle trails is almost 3 and a half thousand kilometers. According to the standard procedure, the race would have at least two contests with a separate start and tracks that pass through the incredible nature of the Alps. As always, 21 days will be a clean bicycle contest (stage) and 2 days will be allocated for rest to the participants of the Contest.

All these conditions would need to be followed by our team, because not every season there may be such a valuable opportunity to take part in the Giro d’Italia. The crew management claims that they are fully ready to reach this level, and the members of Kometa Xtra themselves are wildly delighted with future prospects.

The chance to compete in the Giro 2022 is not for everyone

As we have already said, this kind of high-class competition is the dream and desire of so many cyclists, both beginners and professionals. Not every team gets the chance to show their abilities on the Giro track. However, our Kometa was able to choose this right for itself and prove that cyclists deserve it. The management of the team and its fans are confident that after the athletes compete in Italy this season, even more opportunities will open up for them in the world of professional cycling.